Editing Announcements

How to Edit Announcements | Edit existing announcements in the Announcement module.

Prerequisites: Users require at least one of the following:
  • Users require moderator+ permissions for the module to complete this task.
  • Users require contributor+ permissions for the module and must be the item creator to complete this task.

You can edit announcements that have been posted within Cartella.

To edit an announcement within the Announcement module:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to the folio where you will edit the announcement within its Announcement module.
  3. In the folio module navigation, click Announcement.
    The Announcement area opens.

    Announcement Area

  4. In the Announcement area, click Edit.
    The Edit Announcement view opens.

    Announcement View

  5. In the edit view, change the announcement's name, description or options as needed:
    Field Description
    Name Display name.
    Description If your announcement name needs more explanation, you can provide more details with this rich text editor.
    Categorize You can assign taxonomy categories that groups other Cartella objects with the same tag assignments.
    Sharing You can assign various sharing levels to your module items. See Creating Folios for option descriptions.
    Email Notifications

    You can select users and groups to receive email notifications by enabling this option then by choosing the appropriate recipients.

    Note: The checkbox toggles back to cleared after saving.

    Restrictions You can select the following restrictions for module content. See Creating Folios for option descriptions.
  6. Click Submit.