Resolving No CSS File Specified Error

  • Custom templates must be available to users for document creation. For details about the templates and DTD folders, see one of the following:
  • CMS content contributors must have access to the appropriate public IDs for each custom template's CSS file. Contact your CMS administrator for details.

When creating document assets with custom templates, the system doesn't automatically apply the template's associated stylesheet. Users may encounter a No CSS file specified error when loading topics created with custom templates. The system requires access to the CSS file's public ID to resolve the error and load the stylesheet. Users can define this public ID by defining a framework with an association rules set.

No CSS File Specified Error

To resolve No CSS file specified errors:
  1. Open the Oxygen XML Editor application.
  2. Select Options > Preferences in the tool bar.

    Options > Preferences

    The Preferences dialog displays.
  3. Click Document Type Association in the Preferences list.

    Document Type Association Preferences

  4. Ensure that Global Options displays as selected in the bottom-left area under the document type list.
  5. Locate the DITA document type in the Document Type Associations list, and click Extend.

    Extend DITA Document Type

    The Document type dialog displays.
  6. Enter a new Name for the document type.

    Document Type Dialog

  7. Select the first public ID that starts with -//OASIS//DTD..., and click the Edit (wrench) button in the Association Rules tab.

    Edit Public ID in Association Rules Tab

    The Document type rule dialog displays.
  8. Replace the content between the two asterisks (*) with your own CSS file public ID in the Public ID field. Click OK.

    Edit Public ID in Document Type Rule Dialog

  9. Repeat as needed to identify the public ID for each custom template stylesheet.
  10. If any public IDs remain that start with -//OASIS//DTD..., then select them and click the Delete (X) button.

    Delete OASIS Public IDs

  11. Click OK.

    Click OK in Document Type Dialog

    The Document Type dialog closes.
  12. Ensure that the Enabled checkbox displays as selected for the new document type frameworks.
  13. Click OK.
    The Preferences dialog closes.
  14. Open or create a document with a custom template.
    The No CSS file specified error no longer displays.

After defining the framework and restarting the Oxygen XML Editor application, the Oxygen Desktop Plugin automatically adds the default framework to your additional frameworks directory location. If you have another framework to include, then contact your CMS administrator. See Verifying Frameworks Location for details about the additional frameworks directory location and steps to verify the framework works as expected.