Restoring Versions

Prerequisites: Users require at least one of the following:
  • Users require moderator+ permissions for the module or module folder to complete this task.
  • Users require contributor+ permissions for the module or module folder and must be the item creator to complete this task.

Cartella saves the document's version history in the Previous Versions section. You can restore a document's previous version to the current version.
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to [name-of-folio] > [name-of-document-module] > [name-of-folder] > [name-of-document].
  3. Click Previous Versions to display version history and click the version file to restore.

    Previous Version Download

    Versions display in reverse-chronological order.
    Cartella downloads the file to your computer.
  4. Click Edit.

    Edit Document

  5. Locate the downloaded version file on your computer and drag the document to the File field.

    Upload Previous Version

    Cartella displays the file in the Current File field.

    Previous Version Displays as Current File

  6. Click Submit.
    Cartella restores the previous file version as the current file version.

    Document Current Version