Adding Amazon AWS S3 Replication Targets


Administrators can configure Amazon AWS S3 replication in publishing targets. When performing replication during publish, Ingeniux CMS copies the published files to the Amazon AWS S3 service.
To set up (or edit) an Amazon AWS S3 replication target:
  1. Expand the Amazon AWS S3 replication target in the Replication tab.

    Amazon AWS S3 Replication Target Fields

  2. Configure the following fields:
    See Amazon S3 Documentation for assistance to configure fields.

    The name of the replication target.

    Description (optional)

    The description of the replication target.

    Region End Point drop-down list

    The region endpoint defines the URL that serves as the entry point for the web service.

    Example: is an entry point for the Amazon DynamoDB service. In this case, you would select the US West (Oregon) region end point. Resources in each region are independent.


    The cloud-based folders where you store your data. Bucket names are globally unique, regardless of the AWS Region where they are created.

    Access Key

    The keys allow you to make programmatic calls to AWS API operations. Access keys are 20-character, alphanumeric strings.


    Secret Key

    The keys are like passwords and are 40-character strings.


    Root Path

    The replication location on the server. The root path begins at the root of the AWS site and uses forward slashes (/) as delimiters. Lead the root path with a forward slash (/). You can create a new folder for the root path.

Next Steps: Choose one of the following.

  • Click Save in the top right corner of the Manage Publishing Targets pane.
  • Go to Advanced Settings to configure exempt locations, additional locations, cleanup exclusions, and custom commands for the replication target.