Purging Folios

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to complete this task.

Purging folios permanently deletes folios, their children, and all the folio and child content from the Cartella database. Purge folios one at a time.
Purged folios cannot be restored. Purging a parent category permanently deletes the folio and its descendants and permanently deletes all the folio's and child folio's content.
If your database becomes excessively large, purging may improve Cartella’s performance.
To purge folios:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Folios.
  3. Click View Deleted.

    Click View Deleted

  4. Right-click the folio or sub-folio and select Purge Folio.

    Purge Folio

    Cartella purges (i.e., permanently deletes) the folio and its descendants.