Editing Your Profile

The Edit your Profile dialog provides options to edit your personal information, Dashboard preferences, and advanced settings.

Version Notes: CMS 10.0.–10.3 vs CMS 10.5+
In CMS 10.0–10.3, the Edit your Profile dialog options display within a single view.

CMS 10.0-10.3 Edit your Profile Dialog

In CMS 10.5, the Edit your Profile dialog options display within the Personal, Dashboard, and Advanced tabs.


Your name, title, organization, and contact information display on your public profile. This information is visible to other CMS users.

CMS 10.5+ Personal Tab

Personal information fields include:

  • Name: Your profile name (not user ID) identifies you within Ingeniux CMS. This name displays in your user profile, workflows, and dashboard.
  • Title: Your position title in the organization.
  • Organization: Your organization's title.
  • Work Phone: Your work phone number.
  • Mobile Phone: Your personal phone number.
  • Email: Your CMS account is associated with this email. The CMS sends notifications to this email.
    Ensure your email address is accurate before saving.


The Dashboard tab controls which features display in the Dashboard.

CMS 10.5 Dashboard Tab

Dashboard features include:

  • Create Page via PCRs
  • Content Assignments
  • Assets
  • Page Favorites
  • Monthly Production
  • Publishing Monitor
  • Site Traffic
  • Traffic Sources
  • In Progress
  • Who's Online
  • User Activity
  • Ingeniux CMS Statistics

See Dashboard for details about these features.


The Advanced tab controls display and sound settings for Ingeniux CMS.

CMS 10.5 Advanced Tab

Advanced settings include:

  • Default Edit Form View: Set the default Edit tab view for Site Tree pages and components. Options include:
    • [No Default View]
    • Index View
    • Form View
    • In-Context Edit View
    See Edit Tab View Modes for more information.
  • Notifications: Set a sound notification. If the Dashboard refreshes or you log in, the saved sound notification occurs.
  • Version Notes: CMS 10.6
    CMS Theme: Change the color theme of your CMS user interface. Select one of the available theme options in the drop-down list.
    Administrators can edit CMS theme options in Themes.
  • Version Notes: CMS 10.5+
    Show content path by default: Display the Site Tree or Asset Tree content item's full path by default. This checkbox is cleared by default.

To edit your profile:

  1. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Click the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the CMS.

      Editing Profile Information

    • Version Notes: CMS 10.5+
      Hover over your profile photo in the Dashboard.

      Edit Your Profile from Dashboard Profile Photo

  2. Click Edit your Profile. The profile view opens.

    CMS 10.5 Edit your Profile

  3. Select the Personal tab. Enter your information.
  4. Select the Dashboard tab. Select or clear your Dashboard display preferences.
  5. Select the Advanced tab. Configure your Advanced settings.
    Click the play icon next to the Notifications drop-down list to hear the selected notification sound.
  6. Click Save when finished.
    If you want to change your profile photo, save your changes up to this point. See Change Profile Photo for details.

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