Prerequisites: Users require folio administrator+ permissions in the folio, sub-folio, module, or module item to access this area.

Folio, Sub-Folio, and Module Permissions

Use the Permissions view to assign folio, sub-folio, or module roles to available users and groups.

Permission Factors

In Cartella, three factors determine permissions for a given folio or folio item:

  • Entity: A content item—a folio, module, folder, etc. Folio administrators can assign the sharing level on an entity-by-entity basis.
  • Role: A collection of actions assigned groups and users perform at the entity level.
    For example, groups and users assigned the Contributor role can create items, and users assigned Sr Contributor role can create approved items.
  • User/Group: Users and group members to whom site administrators and folio administrators can assign roles.

These three elements—entity, role, and user/group—work together to determine folio, sub-folio, and module permissions. For example, one group might have moderator permissions for a blog, while another group might have moderator permissions for an image gallery, and so on.

Inherited Permissions

Dimmed, italicized users and groups with asterisks under each role indicate inherited permissions. Permissions carry down from the folio level to sub-folios to individual module files. All descendants of an entity inherit that entity’s permissions.

Folio administrators cannot remove inherited parent folio permissions from its descendants. For example, if a user has moderator permissions for a parent folio, the role permissions apply to all the folio's sub-folios and modules.
Folio administrators can add permissions to specific sub-folios and modules. For example, folio administrators can assign moderator permissions for an individual gallery and not for the folio to which the gallery belongs.
We recommend using inherited permissions whenever possible. Many items marked for specific users and groups may degrade performance, especially on large sites.

Default Roles

The Permissions view lists four possible roles by default:

  • Folio Admin
  • Moderator
  • Sr Contributor
  • Contributor
See Roles for details about permissions associated with default roles. Ask your site administrator about permissions associated with custom roles.
The example below displays permissions for a sub-folio. Only the Contributor role has groups associated with it. The folio administrator set the Sub-Folio group at this entity level (i.e., the sub-folio level).

The sub-folio inherits the Parent Folio group from the parent entity.
To cancel inherited permissions, locate and remove the permissions from the parent folio entity where the folio administrator originally assigned them.
Use the breadcrumb navigation to determine where folio administrators originally assigned the inherited permissions.