Activity Reports

Prerequisites: Users require folio administrator+ permissions in the folio, sub-folio, module, or module item to access this area.

Users who have both folio and site administrator permissions, see Viewing User Activity Report in Cartella Site Settings for details to display an activity report for the full Cartella site.

The Activity Report view displays a downloadable table of user activity within the specific folio and modules. The table displays user activity within the past 30 days.

The activity report only displays activity for the current folio. For example, if the folio administrator views the activity report of the parent folio, the report displays activity for the parent folio's module content and displays no information for its sub-folios' module content.

Types of information include:

Data TypeDescription
DateDate of user activity.
First NameFirst name of user.
Last NameLast name of user.
Login NameLogin ID credentials of user.
ActionType of activity performed (e.g., commented, created).
An empty entry indicates the user edited the item.
NameName of content item where activity took place.

Click the Name of the content item to display the item. Click Login Name to display the user's profile.
Click the headers to sort columns in ascending or descending order.

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