CMS 10.6 Comparing Content Unit View Versions

  • See Page Builder Prerequisites for details.
  • The content unit must associate with a view saved in the Assets Manager.
  • The content unit must have previous versions.

Compare differences between versions of the same view. Choose any two versions in the Content Unit View Version History dialog to view side by side Comparing Code Versions dialog.

To revert the view to a previous version:
  1. Access the Content Unit Version History dialog. See CMS 10.6 Accessing Content Unit View Version History for details.

    View Versioning via Preview Content Unit View Dialog Toolbar

  2. Use Ctrl+Shift to select two versions for comparison, and click Diff.


    The Comparing Code Versions dialog displays. Ingeniux CMS highlights the code differences in each version.
  3. Optional: If multiple changes exist, use the left (<) and right (>) arrow buttons to navigate between differences.

    Compare Content Unit View Code Versions

  4. Select Close when you finish.