Uploading Documents

Prerequisites: Users require contributor+ permissions for the module or module folder to complete this task.

Upload documents (e.g., Word, CSV, PNG) to folders in the Documents module.
Developers can configure allowed document file formats in the Documents modules via Cartella.config. See Advanced Setup of Cartella.config for details about the file.
To upload a document:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to [name-of-folio] > [name-of-document-module] > [name-of-folder].
  3. Click Upload.

    Upload Document

    The Upload Files dialog displays.
  4. Choose one of the following steps in the Choose Files to Upload area.
    • Drag the file to the area.
    • Click the area to locate and upload the file.

    Drag File to Upload

    Use CTRL+click to select multiple files. Each file uploads as a separate document.
    The green checkbox displays to indicate the document uploaded.

    Confirmation Check for Document Upload

  5. Optional: Select categories to associate with the document.
  6. Click Upload.
    If the creator has contributor permissions, the item requires approval from a moderator to display in the module. See Inbox and Role Management for details. The following message displays:
    This item is pending approval by a moderator.
    If the creator has senior contributor permissions, the item automatically displays in the module without approval.
    The document displays in the folder.