CMS 10.6 Editing Existing Components via In-Context Editing

Users can edit components referenced rather than embedded within page field structures via In-Context Editing (ICE) mode.


If fields contain embedded content instead of referenced content, see CMS 10.6 Editing Embedded Components via In-Context Editing for details to edit embedded content.

See CMS 10.6 ICE Content Trays for details about referenced content vs. embedded content.

For existing component content, editing options include:

  • Edit original component. Edit the content within directly within the currently referenced component xID.
  • Embed component. Embed the component to make the content part of the current page. This option removes the component xID reference and sets the current content as new embedded content within the page fields structure.
To edit referenced component xIDs via ICE:
  1. Access ICE mode. See Accessing ICE Mode for details.
  2. Select the header of the referenced component you want to edit within the Edit tab workspace.
    For components nested within list elements, the list element icon List Element Icon indicates where a list starts within the page fields structure. A gear icon Component Element Icon displays in the header of list items that contain component content.

    Referenced Component

  3. Choose the step that suits your needs.
    If Edit > Edit original component doesn't initially display, then select the Show Actions vertical ellipses (...) icon to access the toolbar options.
    • Edit the currently referenced component via the component's original xID.
      1. Select Edit > Edit original component in the header toolbar.

        Referenced Component

      2. See Completing Page and Component Elements for details to edit original components.
    • Convert the currently referenced component to embedded content.
      1. Select Edit > Embed this component in the content unit toolbar.

        ICE converts the component to embedded content, and the header toolbar updates to reflect the changes.

      2. Select Save > Save to confirm the conversion.
      3. Optional: See CMS 10.6 Editing Embedded Components via In-Context Editing for details to make embedded content changes.
        To undo the conversion, select Revert > Revert to original content. This option unembeds the component content and discards your changes.
  4. Select Save in the Edit tab toolbar to save your ICE changes.
    Always save after making ICE changes. Otherwise, the system will not preserve your new changes.

Next Steps (optional): If a list element contains list items with referenced components, see CMS 10.6 ICE List Elements for details to add, replace, remove, or reorder the list items.