Creating Pages and Assets from Content Creation Wizard

The Content Creation Wizard provides an alternate way for content creators to insert a folder, page, component, or asset into the appropriate tree structure within the Navigation pane. Content creators may find it convenient to create content items from the Utility Bar.

In Ingeniux CMS 10.x, like pages, assets are established CMS objects. A PCR provides the option to create specified content rules in a specified Site Tree location. PCRs provide rule sets to govern assets, components, and pages.

To insert content with the Content Creation Wizard:
  1. Click the Content Creation icon Content Creation Wizard Icon in the Utility Bar. The Content Creation Wizard displays in the main pane.
    If administrators set up Page Creation Rules (PCRs), these rules display within the Content Creation Wizard pane.
  2. Drag the PCR from the Content Creation Wizard to the appropriate parent node within the Site Tree. The parent node highlights and displays the Site Tree icon.

    Drag Content Creation Rule to Tree

    Your site administrator creates the PCR and, at the same time, sets up the parent node. The PCR only associates with its designated parent.
  3. Enter a name within the Create New Content dialog (e.g., "New Page 1"). The Create and Create and Edit buttons activate.

    Create New Content Dialog

  4. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Click Create to save and exit.
    • Click Create and Edit to save and begin editing the new content item.
      If you click Create and Edit and the new content item does not display in its tree, you may need to refresh the browser.