Schema Elements in Specification Document

Schemas define the pages, assets, and components used to build out a site. Details about how an element should be used in the future are usually discussed before writing the specification document. The definition includes the name of the schema and the elements it contains. After you have named a schema, you'll need to define each element that the schema will use.

If changes to the definition of a schema are required, the specification document should be updated. This ensures that the specification document can serve as documentation for use in developing training materials or future troubleshooting.

The table below demonstrates a simple organizational table for a schema named Details. This schema contains Text, XHTML, Component, and Navigation elements. The Details page schema needs a Text element (type) named Title (label) that is required (attribute) because it will display on the browser title bar.

LabelElement TypeNotesHelp TextHidden/Required/Read Only
Title Text Displays title on page and browser title bar Please use title case. Required
Body Copy XHTML
Right Navigation Component CompTypes: Right Navigation
Breadcrumb Navigation Navigation Hidden/Read Only
Site Control Component CompTypes: ROI Site Control Hidden/Read Only

Once a specification document is complete, each schema is then built out in the Schema Designer of the CMS so that it reflects the definitions in the specification. Each element in the schema will be rendered on Site > Edit tab in the CMS.


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