XHTML Editor Block Formats Selection

Prerequisites: User groups must exist for administrators to configure the Group option. See Creating Groups for details.

Administrators can manage the block formats available to users in XHTML editors. Specify block formats to make available by default or on a "per group" basis.

To set available XHTML editor block formats:
  1. Navigate to Administration > System Options > CMS > XHTML Editor > Block Format Selection.

    Select Option

  2. Choose one of the following steps.
    • Select the Default option to configure block formats for all users.
    • Select the Group option to configure block formats on a "per group" basis, and select the group from the drop-down list. The block format set only applies to the selected group.
    Additional Information
    If you configure multiple options, save your changes after configuring each option. If you switch from one option to another without saving, you lose your changes.

    If groups have block format sets, a checkmark (☑) displays next to the group. To reset all the group's block formats, hover over the checkmark and select the Restore Defaults minus (-) icon.

    Restore Defaults

    If you configure block formats for the Default option and the per individual Group option, each group's block formats automatically override the Default option for applicable users.

  3. Select or clear block formats. Selected block formats display as highlighted.

    Additional Information
    For example, if you clear h5 and h6 and save your configurations to the Authors group, the CMS doesn't apply the block formats to XHTML editors for Authors group members.

    XHTML Editor Block Formats Selection

  4. Click Save. The selected block formats display in XHTML editors to applicable users.