Deleting Assets from DITA Collections


Users must have group permissions to delete assets. See Managing User Group Permissions for details.

Users can delete DITA and non-DITA assets from existing DITA collections in the Assets Manager. The system moves deleted assets to the Recycle Folder.

Users can only delete assets in DITA collections if no DITA assets reference them. See the steps below to remove these dependency references.


The aliases of deleted DITA content items are not sent to the Recycle Folder and cannot be recovered. See DITA Aliases for details about alias management.

To delete assets from DITA collections:

  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  2. Select the asset to delete.
  3. Navigate to the DITA Properties > Used By tab, and select the Direct Usage References option.

    Users can only delete assets in DITA collections if no DITA assets reference them.

    The Used By tab lists DITA assets that reference the selected asset. If DITA assets reference the asset, the CMS prevents the deletion of that referenced asset. When users attempt to delete a referenced asset, the following error message displays:

    Error deleting assets: Cannot remove Asset(s) "[a/ID]", there are dependency requirements from [x] other Asset(s) outside of the deletion range.

    Check In Asset

  4. If the Used By tab lists direct usage references, then complete the following steps for each list item.
    1. Select the list item link to navigate to the DITA asset that contains the usage dependency reference.
    2. Check out the DITA asset that contains the usage reference, and remove the dependency link that references the asset you want to delete via the Edit tab.

      Check In Asset

    3. Check in the DITA asset, and return to the asset you want to delete.

      The asset no longer displays as a usage reference dependency.

    4. Repeat these steps to clear all list items in the Used By tab.
  5. Right-click the asset item to delete in the Assets Tree, and select Delete.

    The Delete Asset Items dialog displays the IDs of assets the system will delete.

  6. Select Delete.

    The asset listed in the dialog moves to the Recycle Folder.