Dependency Clauses

Prerequisites: Users require at least one of the following:

  • Users require moderator+ permissions for the module to complete this task.
  • If editing an existing survey,Users require contributor+ permissions for the module and must be the item creator to complete this task.
  • If creating a survey, Users require contributor+ permissions for this module to complete the task.
Each survey step includes a Dependency Clause field, which uses answers from previous survey steps to decide which questions a user receives.

The first step of a survey always displays because dependency clauses rely on previous answers,

Dependency clause syntax is as follows:


Here, x represents a step number and y represents a question number. Acceptable operators are = and !=, and ‘value’ contains the survey value required to reach the step that contains the dependency clause.

For example, consider a survey whose fourth step contains the dependency clause 3.3='Yes'.

This means that in order to reach step four, a user’s response to the third question of step three needs to be 'Yes'.

Dependency clauses can be made more complex through parentheses and logical operators. For example:

3.3='Yes' and (3.1='No'
                    or  3.2='No')