Pasting Content with Formatting

The Paste (with formatting) option converts word processor formatting (i.e., content authored in an application, such as Microsoft Word, that has proprietary formatting) into their closest HTML-equivalent tags. Use this option to retain HTML-comparable formatting when you paste the content. If you view this text in source code after its placement, this pasted content is wrapped in HTML tags, which are comparable to the original formatting. Images copied from an external location are not pasted into the XHTML field automatically, so you must use the XHTML Editor's Insert/edit image feature.

Before using Paste, ensure that your administrator activates the paste plugin. See Activating the Paste Plugin for details. Once the paste plugin is active, Paste (with formatting) is the default pasting option.
To paste content with formatting:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select a page containing the XHTML editor in the Site Tree.
  3. Copy word-processed content with formatting (e.g., content from Microsoft Word) that you want to retain when you paste in the XHTML Editor.
  4. Place your cursor inside the XHTML field editor where you want the formatted content to display.
  5. Choose one of the following steps:
    • Use the Paste keyboard shortcut. (For Windows, use Ctrl+V. For Mac, use Command+V.) The pasted content displays in the XHTML field editor, formatted with HTML-equivalent tags.
      If you use a Windows operating system and need information about keyboard shortcuts, see Windows Keyboard Shortcuts. For Mac users, see Mac Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Select Paste in the XHTML editor's Edit drop-down menu. The pasted content displays in the XHTML field editor, formatted with HTML-equivalent tags.
      Some browsers adhere to a security restriction that prevents you from using the built-in paste function in the XHTML Editor. If your browser has this restriction, a message such as the following one displays after you attempt to paste (with formatting) via Edit > Paste:
                              Your browser doesn't support direct access to the clipboard.
       Please use the Ctrl+X/C/V keyboard shortcuts instead.