Adding Transition Actions


Workflow transitions may have associated actions. An action represents an operation to complete before or during the execution of a transition. Workflows Designer provides actions for the most common UI operations (e.g., check in, mark for publish).

The actions associated with a transition execute in order. If an action fails, the transition doesn't complete, and the workflow remains in the workstate prior to executing the transition.
To add an action to a transition:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Workflows Designer.
  2. Select the appropriate workflow from the list.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Choose one of the following steps in the Workflows Designer workspace view.
    • If you opened the New Transition or Edit Transition dialog, click the Actions tab.
    • Select the transition and click Edit in the Workflow Transitions area. The Edit Transition dialog displays.

    Edit Transitions

  5. For each new action, click the Add New Transition Action plus (+) button. The New Action drop-down list displays.
  6. Choose one of the actions in the New Action drop-down list. See List of Actions for details.
    A single transition can contain only one of each action type.

    Confirm New Action

  7. For each new action, click the Confirm plus (+) button to verify the action. The action displays as active in the list.
  8. Select the active action and, if applicable, complete the fields. See List of Actions for details about fields associated with each action.
    To reorder actions, drag the action(s) to the new location in the active actions list.
  9. Click Save and Close when finished to close the dialog.
    Additional Information

    If a transition contains actions, the Transition has Actions icon displays next to the transition in the Workflow Transitions area. If you hover over the transition in the Designing Workflow area, icons display for each action.

    Transition Action Icons

  10. Click Save in the top menu of the Designing Workflow area when finished making changes in the workflow. Ingeniux CMS saves the workflow in Workflows Designer. This workflow is available for content items in the Site Tree and Assets Tree.