Deploying MVC Instance to DSS

If you are setting up a website deployment site on the Dynamic Site Server (DSS), you will need to ensure that the XML content and MVC solution are installed correctly on the DSS. The steps below provide an overview of the process of configuring an MVC site on the DSS. These steps assume that your team has already taken the following actions:

To deploy your MVC site on the DSS:
  1. Navigate to Administrator > Publishing System.
  2. Configure a publishing target and a replication target for the CMS. In a standard implementation, the replication target location is the folder from which the DSS will retrieve XML content.

    Replication for Publishing Target

  3. Publish the site.
  4. Within your server's file system, navigate to Ingeniux CMS 10.0 > Ingeniux CMS Site Wizard.
  5. Run the Dynamic Site Server setup wizard on the server that will host the DSS.
  6. Be sure to select the Deploy Source Code option in the wizard's Physical Location view.
  7. Complete the setup process, providing the target location in the Published Content field. (i.e., the path you entered in the Target Location field in the Replication tab. See capture above.)

    DSS Instance Setup

    For more details about setting up a DSS instance, see Installing New DSS Instance.
  8. Once you have set up the DSS instance and have developed views for your site, see Setting up DSS to Display Content.