Creating Modules on New Accounts

How to Create Modules on New Accounts | Create modules specific to individual users.

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to complete this task.

Selecting the Create on New Accounts checkbox creates modules for newly created users. These modules display in the user's profile view and not in a folio or sub-folio.

For example, if the administrator selects the Create on New Accounts checkbox for the Forum and Announcement modules prior to creating a new user, the new user(s) have their own Forum and Announcement module, which are accessible via their profile.

Restriction: Site administrators can only create modules prior to creating the user. New modules cannot be added to existing users.

If modules display in the user's profile and the user has at least Has Seat permissions in their user settings, the user automatically has folio administrator permissions for the module, regardless of whether or not a site administrator gives them folio administrator permissions via roles or user settings.

For example, if 1) a user has access to modules in their own profile view and 2) an administrator only selects Has Seat for the user, the user can manage their own modules.

Note: See Folio Administration for details to manage modules.

To create modules for a user account:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Modules.
  3. Select the Create on New Accounts checkbox for the desired module label.

    Select Show By Default Checkbox

  4. Optional: Create a user.
    Note: See Creating Users for details to create the user(s).
    Modules with the Create on New Accounts checkbox selected display in the main navigation of the user's profile.

    Modules Created on User Account Profiles