Migrating Cut-Up into the View Layer

For most CMS sites, the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files are on a separate development track from view development. Usually, an ASP.NET developer integrates the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code - often referred to as "cutup" - with the view files that render the live pages. In effect, the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code is "cut up" and distributed within the views. When a request is made for a page, these view files piece the cutup back together and serve it to the client as a web page.

To migrate cut-up into a view:
  1. Open the appropriate view in an IDE such as Visual Studio.
  2. Integrate the HTML markup with the view's ASP.Net code.
  3. Save the view.

Next Steps:

Including Legacy File Paths

This topic is only relevant if your organization has developed an MVC solution in versions prior to Ingeniux CMS 10.0 and wish to retain legacy paths.