Viewing and Setting Page Properties

The information icon provides a quick view of general page properties. The page properties that can be accessed by way of the information icon only display general properties for viewing.

To access general page, component, or folder properties via the information icon:

  1. Navigate to Site.
  2. Select a page, component, or folder in the Site Tree.
  3. Click the information icon to view the page properties.

    Information Icon Page Properties

    General Properties Descriptions:

    Property Description
    ID Unique ID of the selected page, component, or folder, which links to its XML version.
    Schema Name of the schema, which links to the governing schema in Schema Designer.
    Assigned to Indicates the user name assigned to the page, component, or folder.
    Checked out Indicates if selected page, component, or folder is checked out.
    Locale Displays the ID's locale set in WorldView settings.
    Created Date and time when object was created.
    Last changed Date and time when object was last saved.
    Changed by Name of user who made the last change.
    Workflow Description of the workflow applied to the ID.
    Comment Description of the most recent workflow action.
    Update Schema Click the Update Schema button to create a new schema or to update the current schema.

    Note: Asset properties can be viewed in a similar way as pages via Assets.

Users with appropriate permissions can configure additional page settings:

  • To access page properties via Site > Properties tab, see Properties tab.

  • To access page properties via the context menu:

    1. Navigate to Site.
    2. Right-click the desired page in the Site Tree.
    3. Select Page Properties. The Page Properties dialog displays in the context menu. This dialog contains tabs that provide access to an array of property types.

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