CMS 10.6 Marking Content Unit Views for Publish


Choose which version of the content unit view to mark for publish in each publishing target. The dialog displays available publishing targets and versions.

To mark for publish a content unit version for publish:
  1. Access the Content Unit Version History dialog.

    View Versioning via Preview Content Unit Dialog Toolbar

  2. Select Change publish marks.

    Change Publish Marks via Content Unit History Dialog

    The Mark/Unmark assets for publish dialog displays.
  3. Select publishing targets in the Publishing Targets column.
    Keep the following in mind.
    • You can select the Search button Search Button in the Publishing Targets column, and enter keywords in the field that displays to search for available publishing targets.
    • You can select the Toggle on Marking on All Targets checkbox to select all available targets for publish markings.

      CMS 10.6 Toggle Marking on All Targets Checkbox

    The selected publishing targets display in the Targets to Mark column, and each selected publishing target associates with a Marked Version field. The system will mark the asset items for publish to the targets within this column.

    CMS 10.6 Change Content Publish Marking

  4. Use the Marked Version drop-down list for each respective publishing target to select the asset item version you want to apply to those targets.
    If No Change text displays within the field, this indicates no recent changes were made to the content item version marked for the publishing target.
  5. Select Confirm Publish Marking.
  6. Select OK when you finish.