Testing the Custom Edit Form

To test the Custom Edit form:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer > Management > Component Types.
  2. Create a copy of DEX - SMTP Emailer Component.
  3. Provide default values in schema fields.
  4. Save the new component as the DEXlocalSMTP schema.
  5. Create a test page schema that contains a Dynamic Execute element.
  6. Add a new Dynamic Execute element to the page schema.
  7. Set the Template Schema field to DEXlocalSMTP.
  8. Set the Override Edit Form field to Apps/SampleApp/DynamicExecuteUI.

    New Dynamic Execute Element

    The custom edit form's URL is formatted as followsApps/[app folder name]/[app controller name]/[app action name], where "app action name" defaults to "index" when not specified.
  9. Save the page schema.
  10. Create an instance of the new page schema.
  11. Before the form displays in the CMS, you need to open IIS Manager and refresh your site's application pool.
  12. Create a page with the new page schema. You will see the following field:

    Properties Button

  13. Click Properties to invoke the custom UI.

    Sample CMS Dynamic Execute Edit Form