Testing Email

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to complete this task.

Use the Test Email feature to receive a test email from Cartella. Receiving a test email verifies that email templates and SMTP settings work and display properly.

  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Configuration Management > Email.
  3. Click Test Email.

    Test Email

    A dialog displays.

    Test Email Dialog

  4. Enter the email address to receive the test email.admin1@office.com
    Verify the email address and ensure you have access to the email address to view the test email.
  5. Click Submit.
    The following message displays:
    Email was sent successfully. Check specified email inbox for test email.
  6. Click Close. Check the email address's inbox.
    If the test email doesn't display, double check your steps in Configuring SMTP Settings. If the test email still doesn't display, contact Ingeniux Support for assistance.