CMS 10.6 Configuring ICE List Element Support

For content contributors to edit lists in ICE mode, the list element must be grouped in the page's expanded XML.

To support editing list elements in ICE mode:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Schema Designer.
  2. Select the schema from the appropriate tab in the Management screen.
  3. Select Edit in the Actions menu.
    The schema displays in the Create/Edit screen.
  4. Expand the appropriate list element in the Elements tab, and select the Grouped in Expanded XML checkbox.
    Selecting this option generates an outer element for the list field in expanded XML.

    Group in Expanded XML Checkbox for List Element

    For example:

    <Pagebottomtrays Name="Pagebottomtrays" Type="List" label="Page bottom trays" 
    UID="6f6ab897f8394b4c9077b83c75ae0050" ItemName="Tray" ItemType="Component" ItemLabel="" CompTypes="">
    <Tray Name="Tray" Type="Component" WrappedUp="true" CompTypes="" 
    UID="6f6ab897f8394b4c9077b83c75ae0050" ComponentName="" />

  5. If the list element includes component items, select Component in the List Item Type drop-down list, and select the Wrapped in Expanded XML checkbox to work with component lists in ICE mode.
    In ICE mode, the component list element displays as:

    Component List Element in CMS 10.6 ICE

  6. Select Save in the Schema Actions menu, and then click Save new version in the dialog to save and register your schema changes.

Next Steps: