Prerequisites: Users require moderator+ permissions in the folio, sub-folio, module, or module item to access this area.

Manage displays the number of submissions pending approval in the parentheses.

Clicking Manage (4) displays the folio and moderator manager views and automatically displays the Inbox view where site administrators, folio administrators, and moderators approve, edit, or permanently delete unapproved content submitted by users. Clicking the item's name displays the item and clicking the item's comment displays the item's comments. Pending items display the following message:

This item is pending approval by a moderator.

If the user submitting the content has permission to create an approved item, the submission doesn't require approval or display in the Inbox view.

Posted In displays categories associated with the blog post. Clicking a category displays all items within the module associated with the same category.

Items pending approval in sub-folios don't display in the parent folio's Inbox.
Items pending approval from modules directly within the folio display in the folio's Inbox. If you access a specific module's Inbox view, the view displays only unapproved items within the module.