Assigning Permissions

Prerequisites: Users require folio administrator+ permissions for the folio to complete this task.

Assign folio role permissions to groups and users.

Site administrators and Folio administrators can add permissions to specific sub-folios and modules rather than to the parent folio. For example, folio administrators can assign moderator permissions to an individual gallery and not to the folio where the gallery is nested.

Use inherited permissions whenever possible. Many items marked for specific users and groups may degrade performance, especially on large sites.

To a assign folio permission role to a user or group:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to [name-of-folio] > Manage > Permissions.
  3. Click Edit for the desired permission role.

    The User/Group Selector dialog displays.
  4. Choose one or both of the following steps.
    • Click the Groups tab to select the group(s).
    • Click the Users tab to select the user(s).
  5. Optional: Enter a keyword or initial characters in the Filter field to filter users or groups.
    Cartella filters entries in the Available list.
  6. Optional: Select or clear the Include Inherited checkbox to display or hide users and groups with role permissions inherited from a parent entity.
  7. Select the group(s) or user(s) to add in the Available list.
    Click CTRL+Shift to select multiple groups or users.
    The Everyone group grants the role permissions to all users in the Cartella site instance.
  8. Click the right arrow button.

    The users and groups move from the Available list to the Selected list.
  9. Click Save.
    Cartella assigns the folio role permissions to the selected groups and users.