Uploading Views as Assets

To upload MVC views as managed assets:
  1. Navigate to your MVC views folder on your file system (e.g., [Drive]:\[Path-to-DSS-folder]\Views\[subfolder(s)-containing-views]) and note the subfolder structure within the Views folder.
  2. In the CMS, navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  3. If the Views folder doesn't already exist in the Assets Tree, create one. See Creating New Asset Folders for details.
  4. Within Views, create sub-folders that match those on disk.
    Page-level view assets must be in the Views\CMSPageDefault folder (or a different folder if you use a customer controller). Partial view assets must be in the Views\Shared folder.
  5. Upload the MVC views to the appropriate folder(s). See Uploading Assets for details.

Next Steps: