User Management

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to access this area.

Cartella users are assigned permissions and roles that determine what they can do in the site. Administrators can manage permissions and other user settings in the User Management view.

Users View in Settings

The User Management view displays a table of Cartella users.

The default table displays all Cartella users, listing their login names, full names, email addresses, the date of each user’s last login, and whether that user has a seat license or administrator permissions.

The Choose Headers dialog determines which headers display in the User Management table.

The Users Info area displays the total Cartella site instance users and seat availability. Cartella determines the maximum of allowed seats based on the site's licensing agreement.

Users Info Area

If you meet the seat limit and want to give more Cartella users seats, remove seat permissions from other users or contact Ingeniux Support to upgrade your license to increase the maximum allowed seats.

The User Management view displays active users, and the Deleted User Management view displays deleted users.

In the User Management view, click View Deleted to view the Deleted User Management view.

Click View Delete to View Deleted Users

On the Deleted User Management view, click Normal View to view the User Management view.

Click Normal View to View Active Users