Change Profile Photo

The Edit your Profile view provides an option to change your profile photo. The Adjust your Profile Photo dialog provides options to reposition your uploaded photo.

This profile photo displays to other users in the CMS and on your dashboard.

To change your profile photo (or add a new one):
  1. Click the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the CMS.
  2. Click Edit your Profile. The profile view opens.
  3. Click Change Photo. The Upload Profile Photo dialog displays.

    Change profile photo

  4. Drag an image file from your system (e.g., File Explorer) into the Upload Profile Photo dialog.
  5. Click Upload. The Adjust your Profile Photo dialog displays.
  6. Optional: Drag the photo to reposition it within its circular frame, and use the Zoom slider to crop out unwanted areas of the photo.
  7. Click Save.