Managing Newsletter Recipients

After creating a newsletter, it's important to configure the recipients to whom the newsletter will be sent. This can be accomplished in two places:

  • Mailing List tab on the Newsletters module's main interface.
  • Manage Recipients on the Send Newsletter dialog.

Adding Recipients on the Mailing List Tab

To add a recipient on the Mailing List tab:
  1. Navigate to Apps > Newsletter.

    Newsletter Types

  2. Click Add Recipient. The Create new Recipient dialog displays.

    Create Recipient

  3. Enter values for the following fields:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Company
    • Type
  4. When you're finished, click Save Recipient.

Next Steps:

You can edit this recipient's information by selecting it from the recipients listing and clicking Edit Recipient.

Removing Recipients

To remove recipients:
  1. Select one or more types from the list.
  2. Click Remove Selected.

Next Steps:

An important organizational feature is recipient types. These link recipients with newsletters and are functionally similar to user groups in the CMS.

Configuring Types

To configure types:
  1. Click Manage Recipient Types. The Manage Newsletter/Recipient Types dialog displays a list of types.

    Manage Types

  2. Click Add Type.
  3. Enter a name.
  4. Click OK.