Editing Folios

How to Edit Folios | Edit the folio's categories, thumbnail, sharing permissions, email notifications, and restrictions.

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to complete this task.
Note: Users require folio administrator+ permissions in the folio to edit folios or sub-folios. See one of the following for details:

Edit existing folios or sub-folios. You can edit folios on the Folio Management or Deleted Folio Management view.
Note: The Entity ID in the lower-right corner displays the folio's entity identification number.
To edit a folio:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Folios.
  3. Right-click the folio or sub-folio and select Edit Folio.

    Edit Folio

    The Edit Folio view displays.

    Edit Folio View

  4. Change the folio name in Name field.
  5. Optional: Change the folio description in the Description field. Use the HTML editor to add formatting, links, media, and view the HTML source code.
  6. Drag or upload an image file to the Folio Image field to display as the folio's thumbnail image.
  7. Select categories to associate with the folio.
    Note: Administrators can click Create Category to create a new category to associate with the folio.
  8. Select a sharing permission in the Sharing drop-down list. Choose one of the following:
    Sharing Permission Description

    Inherits the sharing level from its parent folio.


    Allows anyone see the folio and its contents, including viewers who are not logged in to Cartella.

    Logged In Displays the content only to logged-in users.
    Specific Groups and Users

    Displays the content only to selected groups or individual members.

    Note: If you select this sharing level, a form for selecting users and groups displays.


    Displays the folio and its contents only to the folio creator.


    Displays content only to user connections of the creator.

  9. Select or clear the Send Email Notifications Upon Save checkbox. Select users and groups to receive email notifications.
  10. Select or clear restrictions.
    Restriction Description
    Read Only Prevents everyone except administrators from editing folio content.
    Note: Users can view the Read Only folio.
    Locked Prevents users from creating sub-items or comments.
    Note: Users can view the locked folio.
    Auto Approve

    Automatically approves all sub-items and lower-level items of the site structure.

  11. Click Submit.
    Cartella saves the folio edits.