Basic Settings

Administrators can configure basic settings that affect all instances of the XHTML editor within the CMS.

To configure basic XHTML editor settings:
  1. Navigate to Administration > System Options > CMS > XHTML Editor > Basic Settings.

    XHTML Editor Basic Settings

  2. In the Forced Root Block Tag field, you can replace the paragraph tag (default) with another block tag. This option ensures that any non-block elements or text nodes are wrapped in block elements within the XHTML editor.
  3. Select Verify HTML elements and attributes if you want the editor to validate that the tags and attributes inserted into the editor are XHTML-compliant.
  4. The Entity encoding option controls how entities are processed by the XHTML editor. The value can be set with one of the following encoding types:
    • Named Entities: Characters are converted into named entities based on the entities option.
    • Numeric Entities: Characters are converted into numeric entities.
    • Raw Characters: All characters are stored in non-entity form except these XML default entities: (i.e., &, <, >, and ").
  5. Enter Extended Valid Elements to override standard element attributes. This option can be useful if you want to add some specific elements to the existing rule set that also should be valid.
  6. Enter Invalid Elements to remove elements automatically. This option must contain a comma separated list of element names. Elements in this list will be removed when the XHTML editor executes a cleanup.
  7. Click Save.