CMS 10.0–10.5 Adding Content Units to Presentation


After administrators have created content units, content contributors can add them to Page Builder.

To add structured content to the presentation:

  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. In the Site Tree, select a page with a Page Builder presentation to contain the content unit.
  3. Click the Design tab.
    The Design tab workspace and Design Presentation pane display.
  4. Select the Content Units accordion area in the Design Presentation pane.

    Content Units Area

  5. Search for the field or component units to add. Drag the content unit to the presentation's layout in the Design tab workspace.
    Dragging the content unit to the layout in the Design tab workspace renders the content unit immediately. You can edit the content unit via the Design tab workspace or In-Context Editing (ICE).

    Drag Content Unit to Layout Column

  6. Optional: Edit the content unit field. See CMS 10.0–10.5 Page Builder: Adding Content Units for details.
    • If you drag a field unit, click the field to add content. Click the checkmark (✔) icon to confirm.

      Field Unit Insert Content

      Field Unit Confirm Content

    • If you drag a component unit, click Use Existing Component to use existing content or click Add New Content to edit the field in-context.

      Component Unit Insert Content

      Version Notes: CMS 10.1–10.5
      Prior to Ingeniux CMS 10.1, Page Builder designers needed to add placeholder content to new presentation content units (PCU) at design time. As of CMS 10.1+, if content has not been added at design time, a placeholder (i.e., Add New Content button) displays, automatically. Designers can determine the layout of the content units before passing the page, with its new PCU, to a content contributor, who provides the content itself. After saving these "pending" content units, they display:

      PCU Placeholders

      Once a content contributor selects the PCU, the Use Existing Component and the Add New Content buttons display. The content contributor adds content via one of these options. If no existing components are available, the Use Existing Component button displays as inactive.
  7. Click Save or Check In to commit changes.
    The added content units display in the Edit tab's Presentation Fields element group.
  8. Optional: Click Design > Preview to see how the design displays on the live site.