XHTML Editor Plugins

The table below describes each plugin that administrators can configure for the WYSIWYG editor.

The Editor Location column indicates where users interact with the enabled plugin or the impacted area of the editor.
Plugin NameFunctionEditor Location
advlistExtends the core bullet list and number list toolbar controls by adding CSS list-style-type styled number formats and bullet types to the controls.Toolbar
anchorInserts an anchor at the editor's cursor insertion point.Toolbar/Insert menu
autolinkAutomatically creates hyperlinks when user inputs a valid, complete URL. (e.g., from www.ingeniux.com to http://www.ingeniux.com.)WYSIWYG view
autoresizeXHTML editor automatically grows accommodate the content inside it.WYSIWYG view
autosaveAutomatically saves content.
bbcodeAllows bulletin board code to be edited in WYSIWYG style by converting tags like bold into strong.Internal function of editor
charmapAdds dialog with a map of special Unicode characters.Insert menu
codeAdds view to edit the HTML source code.Tools menu
codesampleInserts and embeds syntax color highlighted code snippets into the editable area.Insert menu
colorpickerAdds color picker dialogs to the editor.Toolbar
directionalityAdds directionality controls to the toolbar, enabling editor to handle languages written from right to left.Internal function of editor
fullpageAllows user to edit certain document properties such as title, keywords, and description.Source Code view
helpDisplays shortcuts that explains useful keyboard shortcuts and lists installed plugins.
hrAllows user to insert a horizontal rule (hr) on the page at the cursor insertion point.Insert menu
igxglobalvarsProvides the ability to add global variables configured in Administration > System Options > Dynamic Site Server > Global Variables. This is an Ingeniux custom plugin.Toolbar
igxlinkOpens the Insert/Edit Link dialog. See Adding Hyperlinks in the XHTML Editor for details. This is an Ingeniux custom plugin.Toolbar
imageAdds an Insert/edit image menu item allowing users to insert an image into the editor and to edit an existing image.Toolbar/Insert menu
imagetoolsAdds a contextual editing toolbar to images in the editor.WYSIWYG view
importcssAdds the ability to automatically import CSS classes from the CSS file specified in the content_css configuration setting. See Custom Content CSS for steps to set the location of the custom CSS file.Internal function of editor
insertdatetimeInserts the current date and/or time into the editable area at the cursor insertion point.Insert menu
listsAdds numbered and bulleted lists to editor.Toolbar
mediaOpens the Insert/edit media dialog to insert HTML5 video and audio elements to the editable area.Insert menu
nonbreakingAdds non-breaking space entity at cursor insertion point.Insert menu
noneditablePrevents users from editing content within elements assigned the mceNonEditable class.Class added in Source Code view
pagebreakEnables users to insert page breaks.Insert menu
pasteFilters and cleans up content pasted from Microsoft Word.Edit menu
previewEnables preview of content.View menu
printEnables printing.
saveAdds a save button to the editor toolbar.
searchreplaceOpens the Find and replace dialog.Edit menu
tabfocusAdds the ability to tab in/out of editor.
templateThe template plugin adds support for custom templates.Insert menu
textcolorAdds color pickers for font color and font background.Toolbar
textpatternMatches special patterns such as Markdown, in the text and applies formats, replaces text, or executes commands within the editable area.WYSIWYG view
tocGenerates basic Table of Contents at the cursor insertion point. Items for the TOC are taken from the headers in the content.Insert menu
visualblocksAllows users to see block-level elements in the editable area.View menu
visualcharsAdds ability to see invisible characters.WYSIWYG view
wordcountAdds word count functionality to editor.WYSIWYG view

For plugin details, see the TinyMCE documentation.