Advancing DITA Content in Workflows

  • The user must have asset workflow permissions. See Workflows Designer Prerequisites for details.
  • The receiving user of the advanced DITA content must be a member of the Next Group set for the workflow transition.
  • If planning to publish DITA content via workflow, administrators must configure the publishing action for the appropriate workflow transition. See Adding Transition Actions for details to configure the publishing transition action. See Publishing DITA Assets for details to configure the publishing target for DITA publishing pipeline operations.
  • The DITA content item must be added to a workflow. Adding Assets to Workflow for details.

Users can advance CMS DITA content in workflow via the Oxygen Desktop Plugin interface.

To advance DITA content in a workflow:
  1. Open the Oxygen XML Editor application.
  2. Navigate to a DITA item within the Ingeniux CMS Browser tab tree structure.
  3. Right-click the DITA item in the Ingeniux CMS Browser tree, and select Advance.
  4. Choose an available workflow transition in the Advance menu.

    Oxygen Desktop Plugin "Advance" Context Menu Action

    The Workflow Advance dialog displays the following information:
    Next StateWorkstate where the DITA content will advance.
    Next GroupUser group where the DITA content will advance.
    Users can only assign members of the next user group to the DITA content. See Advancing Content Items in Workflow for details to assign the entire group to the item in the CMS interface.

    Workflow Advance Dialog

  5. Select an available user in the Transfer to drop-down list.
    Additional Information
    Keep the following in mind.
    • The drop-down list only provides members of the next user group.

      Administrators can make users group members. See Assigning Groups to Users or Adding Users to Groups /xref> for details.

    • Administrators can set workflow notifications to alert group members of the item's advancement via email. See Creating User Accounts for details about the Receive Workflow Notifications feature.
  6. Optional: Provide information in the Comments field for the assigned user.
  7. Select Advance.
    The system advances the DITA in workflow and assigns the content to the Transfer to user.

Next Steps:

Version Notes: CMS 10.6

DITA Publishing is exclusive to CMS 10.6.

If the Configure DITA Publishing dialog displays, this indicates the workflow transition executed a DITA publishing action. See CMS 10.6 Publishing DITA via Workflows for details configure CMS publishing settings for the DITA content.

Keep in mind that this transition action publishes the DITA content via the CMS DITA publishing pipeline rather than via Oxygen XML Editor's standard transformation scenario process. See Publishing DITA Assets for details about the CMS process.