Configuring General Publishing Target Information

Prerequisites: See Publishing Prerequisites for details.

You can create and edit publishing targets to which users can publish content items.
Ingeniux CMS does not limit the number of publishing targets, but many publishing targets can slow performance.
To configure general publishing target information:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Publishing System > Publishing Targets.
  2. In the Publishing Target view, choose one of the following steps:
    • Click New Publishing Target.
    • Select the publishing target from the Manage Publishing Targets list. The Info tab displays.

      Publishing Target General Info

  3. Complete the following fields:
    Name (required)Enter the name of the publishing target.
    Root Page (required)Enter and select top-level node of the publishing target. The root page-typically the home page-is the page, folder, or component from which to start the publish.
    Global Content LocationEnter and select the folder for global content location. If your published Site Tree only uses components in a folder intended for one publishing target, you can leave Global Content Location field empty.

    Global content location serves as the root location for global components. Components beneath this location publish to the publishing target.

    Additional Information

    A site can be segmented into multiple sections (i.e., folder structures). Each section can publish content to respective publishing targets. Multiple publishing targets may share a common set of components. Considering more than one publishing target may use these components, this common set typically lives outside of the publishing target roots in the Site Tree.

    The global content location is only applicable to components and not structured URLs.

    Publish Folder (required)Enter the name of the physical directory to which XML files publish. When users publish content items to the publishing target for the first time, Ingeniux CMS creates the pub folder and the physical directory in the CMS file system (e.g., [Drive]:[path-to-cms-root-folder]\App_Data\pub\[name-of-publish-folder]).

    Only system administrators have access to the CMS file system.

    We recommend the publishing target and publish folder use identical names.
    Exclude Lingual Maps in Publish/Preview checkboxThe checkbox is cleared by default. If selected, Ingeniux CMS excludes all lingually mapped content when publishing content items to the publishing target. See Translating Site Content with WorldView for details about lingual mapping.
    Exclude Asset XMP Metadata in Publish checkbox
    Version Notes: 10.6
    The checkbox is only available in CMS 10.6 and is cleared by default. If selected, the CMS excludes all asset XMP metadata when publishing content items to the publishing target. If you select this option and then execute a full publish, then the system removes existing XMP files from the publishing target.

    The system stores asset XMP metadata files in [Drive:]\[path-to-cms-site-instance]\App_Data\pub\[name-of-publish-folder]\_XMP_. See Assets Metadata and Adding Asset Schema Metadata for details about descriptive metadata.

    If administrators select this checkbox and then later decide to include asset XMP metadata in the publish, then clearing this checkbox will restore the XMP files on the next publish. If not all XMP files are present and the checkbox is cleared, then the system requires either a full assets-only publish or a full publish of the site to regenerate all the XMP files. Without the full publish, individual asset publishes only generate XMP for assets included within that individual publish.
  4. Determine whether or not to transform XML content items during publish. Choose one of the following steps in the Transform Options area:
    • If content items require processing (e.g., pulling pages from databases) at the time the user requests the publish, then clear the Transform pages on server during publish checkbox. The content items don't require transformation.
    • If content items require transformation during publish, see Applying User Agents and Sites to Publishing Targets for details.

Next Steps: Choose one of the following steps.

  • Configure Structured URL Settings to map the publishing target's URL path to specific xIDs.
  • Enter the xID for the Home Page in the Structured URL Settings area. Click Save in the top right corner of the publishing target view. Ingeniux CMS saves the publishing target to the Manage Publishing Targets list.
    Publishing targets require a home page xID prior to saving. The root page and home page can use the same xID.