Adding Azure Storage Replication Targets


Administrators can configure Azure Storage replication in publishing targets. When performing replication during publish, Ingeniux CMS copies the published files to the Azure Storage service.
To set up (or edit) an Azure Storage replication target:
  1. Expand the Azure Storage replication target in the Replication tab.

    Azure Storage Replication Target Fields

  2. Configure the following fields:
    See Azure Storage Documentation for assistance to configure fields.
    NameThe name of the replication target.
    Description (optional)The description of the replication target.
    Connection StringThe connection string authenticates requests made to Azure Storage at runtime.
    Storage AccountEach Azure Storage account provides a unique namespace to store and access your Azure Storage data objects. This field activates after Ingeniux CMS verifies the Connection String value. Enter the storage account details from the Azure Storage connection profile.
    ContainerThe cloud-based folder where you store your data. The container name must be a valid DNS name.
    Root PathThe replication location on the server. The root path begins at the root of the Azure Storage site and uses forward slashes (/) as delimiters. Lead the root path with a forward slash (/). You can create a new folder for the root path.

Next Steps: Choose one of the following.

  • Click Save in the top right corner of the Manage Publishing Targets pane.
  • Go to Advanced Settings to configure exempt locations, additional locations, cleanup exclusions, and custom commands for the replication target.