Setting up DSS with ASP.Net Views to Display Content


Once the above prerequisites are in place, you can get a sense of how your views will display content in the DSS by previewing them in the CMS (Site > Preview tab). If you are satisfied with the content presentation, you are ready to set up the DSS with your views and associated files.

To set up the DSS to display content:
  1. Copy code files from your CMS installation folders to the deployment folders within the DSS folder structure.
    1. Navigate to your views folder within your CMS installation (i.e., [Drive]:\[Path-to-CMS]\site\DSS_Preview\views).
    2. Copy your custom views to your DSS installation folder (i.e., [Drive]:\[Path-to-DSS]\[DSS-Name]\Views).
      Do not copy _ViewStart.cshtml or Web.config. These files are specific to your CMS installation.
    3. If you have any custom controllers, copy them from your CMS installation (i.e., [Drive]:\[Path-to-CMS]\[CMS-Name]\site\DSS_Preview\controllers) to your DSS installation folder (i.e., [Drive]:\[Path-to-DSS]\[DSS-Name]\Controllers).
    4. If you have any custom models, copy them from your CMS installation (i.e., [Drive]:\[Path-to-CMS]\[CMS-Name]\site\DSS_Preview\models) to your DSS installation folder (i.e., [Drive]:\[Path-to-DSS]\[DSS-Name]\Models).
    5. If you have images or scripts that are external to the CMS, copy them to the root of the DSS folder structure.
    6. Confirm that your DSS helper and function files, located at [Drive]:\[Path-to-DSS]\[DSS-Name]\App_Code, are up-to-date by comparing them with the corresponding files in [Drive]:\[Path-to-CMS]\site\DSS_Preview\app_code. If the modified date of these DSS files is older than those in the CMS installation, replace the DSS files with the more recently updated CMS installation files.
  2. If you have copied custom controllers from the CMS to the DSS, then you must Clean and Rebuild your DSS project. Dynamic_Site_Server_Instance.csproj, the Visual Studio .NET C# project file, is located in the root folder of the DSS installation. For information about rebuilding Visual Studio projects, see Building and Cleaning Projects and Solutions in Visual Studio.
  3. if it has not already been configured.

Next Steps:

After completing the steps above, verify that your staging DSS site displays content correctly by navigating to its URL in a browser.