Publishing Targets

At a high level, publishing targets are destinations defined in the CMS where content is published, such as a website, a staging site, or an endpoint URL for the aggregation of content into a third-party website or application.

For some customers, the mode and format of content consumption can be pre-determined, so their content is published to target endpoints such as outfacing content portals, any number of mobile or smart devices requiring specific optimizations, or aggregated for multi-channel output. Other customers require the flexibility of a content as a service (CaaS) model. In the CaaS model, Ingeniux CMS publishes raw content to a target that remains uncoupled from content presentation, so it may be served up for its consumers on an as-needed basis.

A publishing target defines several key aspects of a publish. It determines which pages are published from the Site Tree and if the CMS should transform pages for a specific user agent. A publishing target also identifies the folder where files are published and provides a name to associate with the published files.

You can create multiple publishing targets because the system does not set their number. However, it is a good idea to limit the number of publishing targets; otherwise, system performance may be affected.

Version Notes: CMS 10.6

CMS 10.6 provides the Post-Publish Processing tab. Users can access this tab to configure post-publish content processors, particularly DITA content processors for the DITA publishing pipeline.

See DITA Processing Pipeline in Ingeniux CMS for details about how DITA integrates with pipeline features.