Monitoring RavenDB via SNMP

Ingeniux' RavenDB license has been updated so that administrators can use existing log aggregation and monitoring tools to receive status information from RavenDB. You must enable SNMP monitoring in the RavenDB Web.config file.

To enable SNMP monitoring:
  1. Navigate to the Web.config file in [Drive]:\[path to cms root folder]\site\RavenWeb\.
  2. Open the configuration file in a text editor.
  3. To enable SNMP monitoring, include the following in the appSettings element:

    RavenDB Monitoring Configuration

  4. Save the configuration file when finished.

Next Steps:

Version Notes: CMS 10.5
RavenDB's archive configuration is set to retain the last 100 log records. This archive will contain all existing logs files but will delete records based on the time/value configuration when the archive process executes.