Folio Management

Prerequisites: Users require site administrator permissions to access this area.

The Folio Management view displays a tree view of your site’s folios, sub-folios, and folders. The tree displays the relationship between parent and sub-folios. Folios with a plus (+) icon contain sub-folios (i.e., children). Use the Folio Management view to create a new folio, edit an existing folio, or delete a folio.

Folios View in Settings

In the Folio Management view, click View Deleted to view the Deleted Folio Management view.

Click View Delete to View Deleted Folios

On the Deleted User Management view, click Normal View to view the User Management view.

Click Normal View to View Active Folios

In Cartella, folios represent the top level of the content hierarchy. Like folders in a file structure, folios contain items. Folios can be assembled by subject matter, department, business process, or any other rubric that makes sense for your organization. Folios are subdivided into modules, which group content by type (e.g., images, documents, forums, other types).

From the folio's context menu, go directly to the specific folio's content and modules and access their moderator manager views.

Home View of Specific Folio

Manage folios in one two places:
  • Settings > Folio Management.
  • Right-click the folio's context menu and select Manage. Users with moderator+ permissions can access Manage views. See Moderator or Folio Administration for permission details to manage folios.