Publishing from Assets Pane Toolbar

  • Administrators must provide users with publishing permissions or administrator permissions. See Creating Groups for details.
  • Users must check in the asset items they will publish.
  • Users must mark the asset items for publish to the appropriate publishing targets. See Marking Assets for Publish for details.

Use the asset Overview tab toolbar to publish asset items.

The CMS only publishes asset items and not asset folders.

For a complete description of publishing types and where to execute them, see Publishing Types.

To publish an asset item from the Overview tab:
  1. Navigate to Assets > Assets Tree.
  2. Select an asset in the Assets Tree.
    The item displays in the Assets pane.
  3. Choose one the following options from the he Publish drop-down menu in the Overview tab toolbar.
    This AssetPublishes the selected asset item.

    This option only displays when you select an asset item.

    Assets Under FolderPublishes asset items contained within selected folder and also the folder's descendant asset items (e.g., grandchildren).

    This option only displays when you select an asset folder.

    SitePublishes the site.
    Keep in mind that you can publish the site without making any prior selection in the Assets Tree or Site Tree. Site applies to all objects (i.e., assets, pages, components, and site folders).

    See Publishing Types for complete descriptions of publishing types and where to execute them.

    Publish via Site Pane Toolbar

    The Publish dialog displays.
  4. Optional: You can select the Preview Publish - Gather information only checkbox to generate a report of content items that the CMS will publish before you execute the official publish.

    See CMS 10.6 Generating Publish Preview Reports via Site for details.

    Version Notes: CMS 10.6
    The preview publish report feature is exclusive to CMS 10.6. You can only generate preview publish reports for single publishing targets.
  5. Choose one of the following steps.
    • Select the appropriate publishing target in the Publishing Targets tab.
    • Version Notes: CMS 10.5+
      Select the appropriate publishing profile in the Publishing Profiles tab.

      The Publish dialog provides a Publishing Targets tab and Publishing Profiles tab in CMS 10.5+. Use the tabs to select individual targets or profiles for publish.

      CMS 10.5+ Publish Dialog

    Keep the following in mind.
    • Use the Filter field in the respective Publishing Target tab or Publishing Profile tab to search for publishing targets or profiles based on their names.
    • Use CTRL+Click or CTRL+Shift+Click to select more than one target or profile for publish.
  6. Select or clear the Perform Replication checkbox.

    If selected, the CMS executes replication in addition to the publish.

  7. Select one of the following buttons.
    Version Notes: CMS 10.6
    Ensure the Preview Publish - Gather information only is cleared before you proceed with this step. Otherwise, the system generates a preview publish report instead of executing the publish.
    IncrementalPublishes only checked-in asset items that meet the following criteria:
    • The items are marked for publish to the selected publishing targets.
    • The items have modifications since the most recent publish, or the items contain modified dependencies since the most recent publish.
    You can execute an incremental publish for content that is marked but unmodified. See Publishing Types for details.
    FullPublishes all items in the Assets Tree and Site Tree that are checked in and marked for publish, regardless of any changes to the content.
    We recommend running full publishes for large-scale updates and not running full publishes during peak business hours.
    The system executes the publish, and the Publish Submitted dialog displays.

    Publish Submitted Dialog

  8. Select one of the following buttons.
    Monitor PublishesOpens Administration > Publishing Monitor where you can view the pending publish.
    CloseExits the Publish Submitted dialog.