Previewing Devices


Ingeniux CMS provides a way for users with permissions to emulate various devices when previewing site content.

To preview a device:
  1. Navigate to one of the following CMS user interface locations:
    • Site > Edit tab > In-Context Edit view.
    • Site > Preview tab.
    • Site > Design tab.
    • Version Notes: CMS 10.6
      Assets > DITA Preview tab.

      This tab is only available on DITA asset types.

  2. Click the Select Device Emulation button. Configured devices display in the drop-down list.

    Select Device Emulation

  3. Select a device from the drop-down list to preview. The CMS emulates the device.
  4. Optional: You can simulate device rotation. To change the mobile display's orientation, click the Rotate Device Screen button in the toolbar.

    Rotate Device Screen