Approving Submissions

Prerequisites: Users require moderator+ permissions in the parent folio or sub-folio to complete this task.

New content submissions require approval from a moderator to display in the sub-folio module. If the moderator approves the content item, the item displays to other Cartella users.

If the user submitting the content has permission to create an approved item, the submission requires no approval, and the item doesn't display in the Inbox.
If a user creates unapproved content, the user sees the following message the content item's view:

This item is pending approval by a moderator.

To approve a sub-folio submission:
  1. Log in to Cartella.
  2. Navigate to [name-of-parent-folio] > [name-of-sub-folio] > Manage > Inbox.
  3. Click Approve in content item's row.

    Site administrators and folio administrators can also directly approve the submission on the content item's view.

    The approved content item displays in the module.