CMS 10.6 Accessing In-Context Editing Mode

Prerequisites: Administrators and developers must configure views and editable fields for In-Context Editing (ICE) mode. See CMS 10.6 Configuring and Rendering In-Context Editing (ICE) Content for details.

Use In-context editing (ICE) to visually preview and edit content at the same time. Users can access ICE mode in the Edit tab of site pages.

To access the ICE mode:
  1. Navigate to Site > Site Tree.
  2. Select and check out the page to edit.
  3. Select the Edit tab, and select the In-Context edit mode option CMS 10.6 In-Context Edit Mode Button in the toolbar.

    In-Context Edit Mode Button

    The Loading... text displays, and the Edit tab workspace becomes blurred to indicate the system is loading the page view upfront. When loading completes, the page view displays, and the blurred workspace becomes clear.

    In-Context Edit Mode via Edit Tab

  4. Optional: Collapse the Trays pane to maximize the Edit tab space as you work with fields in your page fields structure, or expand the Trays pane to work with content trays.
    • Select Close Trays PaletteClose Trays Palette Button to collapse the Trays pane.
      You can alternatively select the arrow in the Trays header to collapse the pane.
    • Select Open Trays PaletteOpen Trays Palette Button to expand the Trays pane via the Edit tab toolbar.
  5. Optional: Choose the step that suits your needs.
    • Toggle the Show Index switch onShow Index Toggle On in the Edit tab toolbar.

      ICE mode displays all the page's available fields in a hierarchical list (i.e., the "index") via the leftmost pane. The index indicates which fields you can change with ICE. Editable fields display as active (white), and read-only fields display as inactive (gray).

      Select the editable fields in the index to directly access and edit them in the In-Context edit mode.

      Click ICE Button

      If editable fields display as inactive in the Index pane, your ICE helper may require updates in the DSS Preview project. See CMS 10.6 Configuring the ICE Helper for details.
    • Toggle the Show Index switch off (default) Show Index Toggle Off in the Edit tab toolbar.

      ICE mode hides the fields list from view.

Next Steps (optional):