Packaging Sites for Migration

Use the Site Migrator utility to package site content for migration. Packages can preserve hierarchical page relationships, presentations, schemas, structured URLS, taxonomy, and lingual mapping.

To package a site for migration:
  1. Navigate to Apps > Site Migrator > Pack.

    Site Migrator

  2. Enter the xID or name of the site root page to pack in the Pick root pages to be packed field.
    Version Notes: CMS 10.0-10.3 vs. CMS 10.5

    In CMS 10.0-10.3, Site Migrator automatically packages assets referenced within selected pages.

    In CMS 10.5, you can pack asset folders with or without pages. Site Migrator can pack managed and external assets with their metadata. To pack assets, enter the asset folder name or ID in the Pick root pages to be packed field. This field only accepts site tree content items and asset folders.

  3. Enter a name for the package Name the package field.
  4. Select or clear the following options:
    • Preserve Categorization: When enabled, includes the pages' taxonomy information (in the form of the taxonomy tree XML file) in the package.
    • Package Associated Categories: When enabled, packages a site's full taxonomy tree.
    • Package Structured URLs: When structured URLs are enabled, page names-not xIDs-appear in URLs.
    • Package Lingual Mapping: When enabled, includes language mapping resources.
  5. Before packing the site, it's a good idea to verify package integrity by clicking Check. If the package contains any references to xIDs outside the packaged hierarchy (links, navigation start pages, component references), a list of these xIDs appears in the log area.
  6. Click Pack or Pack and Download.

If the package contains missing xIDs, you can still proceed with it; however, the pages may contain broken references when imported to a new site.

The package contains the following:

  • Files: The XML file for each page in the package.
  • Presentations: Any page presentations and content units associated with the packaged pages.
  • Schemas: The XML schemas associated with pages in the package.
  • Stylesheets: The style sheets associated with pages in the package. This includes style sheets for page presentations.
  • Tree.xml: The Site Tree for the packaged pages, which defines the relationships between them.
  • TaxonomyTree.xml: The taxonomy tree for the packaged pages. Only included when Preserve categorization for pages is enabled.