Configuring Search

Cartella uses the Apache Lucene library to support search and indexing functionality.

Alternatively, you can configure search within the Cartella UI by navigating to Settings > Configuration Management > Search. See Search Management for details.
To configure search:
  1. Navigate to [Site_Root].
  2. Open Cartella.config in a text editor.
  3. Find the <Search> node within Cartella.config.
    <Search indexLocation="App_Data\LuceneIndex" indexingEnabled="true" adminUserName="admin">
            <add name="CartellaSearch" type="Cartella.Search.CartellaSearchSource">
                    <add name="delay" value="20"/>
                    <add name="continuous" value="false"/>
                    <add name="includeParentCategories" value="true"/>
                    <add type="Cartella.Classes.Folio" friendlyName="Folio"
                            <add name="Name" includeInSearchResults="true" boost="2"/>
                            <add name="Description" includeInSearchResults="true" boost="1"/>
                    <!-- Other source types in this sample removed for brevity. -->
  4. For @adminUserName, provide an administrator's user name.
  5. For @indexLocation, provide the relative or absolute path to the Lucene index database.
  6. For @IndexingEnabled, provide true or false value to turn indexing either on or off.
  7. In <Settings> (within the <add> node) provide the @delay value, which is the number of minutes to wait before running a new index.
    The delay value is the interval between the end of one index update and the start of the next index update. It's not the interval between the start of one index update and the start of the next update.