Developing ASP.NET Views

You can customize the look and feel of nearly every aspect of a Cartella website. Cartella is built on the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC web development framework and uses the Razor view engine to generate views.

The term view layer describes pages delivered to a user’s browser. A view layer consists of a master template (MainLayout.cshtml) and other templates merged with data retrieved from the SQL database.

To customize Cartella beyond the changes that are possible in the CSS, you’ll need to edit the various view templates that compose the view layer. For example, you could modify the home page of your site to include a Twitter feed beneath a navigation.

To edit your site’s view layer, open MainLayout.cshtml, located at [Site_Root]\Views\Custom\Layouts in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Making specific changes to the view layer requires knowledge of MVC web development. If you have questions on how to change the view layer of your Cartella site, contact Ingeniux Support.


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